Andrew Moss is an expert in developing compelling strategic ideas with over 20 years of experience working with some of the world's best companies in brand strategy, communications and research.


The Pegasus Strategic view on commercial advantage

To be competitive and sustainable, brands and organisations increasingly rely on developing inspiring ideas to engage and foster action – to move and influence employees – attracting the interest of customers and clients – energising a competitive position – whatever it takes to remain current and grow.

In an oversupplied world – the success of your brand and organisation relies upon distinctive, ownable, focused and intelligently appropriated ideas – today's 'critical difference' and conditions for success.

Effective leadership about the direction of brands and organisations will always be rooted in developing strategy around purposeful, innovative and differentiated thinking – qualities that have never been so important as they are today.

Imaginative, interesting brand strategy that is grounded in meaningful human insight has a powerful role to play in our 'new world' – a leadership platform – that provides those who are charged with developing brands great clarity in decision making and the confidence to make more effective choices and investments in order to achieve better performance and successful returns.

A creative and curious mindset is key. Change doesn't much happen without it. Along with a clear and decisive willingness to act on consumer insight and a compelling purpose 'compass'. 

Great strategic thinking we believe really is an engaging driver of excellence and the unfair advantage that all brands and organisations have the scope to achieve.


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