What we do


Brand strategy.

Consumer insight.

We are agents for curiosity, potential, clarity and effective change.


Brand strategy

  “The greatest creation is the company itself and what it stands for.” 

Jim Collins and Jerry Porras – Built to Last

Pegasus Strategic is passionate about creating inspiring strategy for brands and organisations that help leaders to focus and deliver the strongest commercial or cultural outcomes.

We bring the stimulus, tools and award winning experience to review your brand or organisational health, trigger fresh thinking and translate consumer and market insights into meaningful action – responding to the key issues that confront brand owners and leadership teams.

Pegasus Strategic facilitates a process of enquiry and ideation that prompts leaders and teams to consider, dissect and re-construct clear and actionable ideas, develop an aligned purpose and energising vision and set out a simple to understand strategic foundation that will determine future investment and action.



Qualitative and Quantitative research

Andrew Moss and Pegasus Strategic help develop the best research means to provide illumination on the many issues that will guide effective decision making on brand, communications and marketing strategy. 

Pegasus Strategic has expertise in designing and delivering a diversity of qualitative and quantitative research methods, analysis techniques and tools that bring to life attitudes and behaviours of audiences. 

We use research to explore the context of how brands are 'working', how consumers think and behave and the way markets are evolving - in order to identify actionable insights, qualify and quantify value potential, compare ideas, test hypotheses and ultimately recommend clear action.


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