Unleashing a brand's full potential: Nestle's Milks and Baking brand strategy


Previous Nestle brand activty


A bit of a problem

Four Nestle products, each historically supported as separate products. 

Each with a media spend of $250k – $300k (and that may have even included the production!). 

Collectively these four products were declining in revenue at a rate of 5%-10% per year - for almost ten years.



Strategic innovation: a new perspective on what these four products could represent

Create a new brand - rooted in a collective consumer insight about baking

Combine the individual media budgets - and promote the products under a uniting theme

Develop more engaging, intelligent advertising that would engage people's interest and they would enjoy

Represent a compelling strategic and creative thought

Tell a great story that is relevant also to the commercial objectives of the ‘brand’

And use media appropriately (strategically) 


The 'brand': ingredients for bonding and relationships

The new 'brand' strategy was founded in the understanding of how consumers use and relate to baking especially. The food category of sharing and bonding. The social food with 'socially active' ingredients. 


Bringing the 'brand' to life




From insight, to brand strategy to transmedia cultural storytelling  





A reversal of the habitual sales decline with a collective revenue increase (across the four products) of 10% - an astonishing twenty point turnaround in a mature FMCG category.


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